You work too hard to have bad headshots


“Photos of me usually make me want to cry but not these! I love how I look in my headshots and clients compliment me on them all the time. So much so I’ve been back every year. I’m hooked!”

Caroline McKenna Social Good HQ

I know how hard you're working towards this dream business of yours.

You’re ambitious and full of determination most days but then some days leave you full of doubt and resistance. How do I know? Well, I’m pretty passionate about this little business of mine too, you know. I’m on that rollercoaster with you. You know how brilliantly you do whatever it is that you do and you want the world to know that too. Your brand identity is mega important to you and its got to be right. 

And that’s why you’ve been putting this shoot off.

Because it has to be right. You don’t want images of you looking like just another corporate bore with a clipboard in your hands! You want a set of images that reflect you and your business perfectly. You want them to convey exactly who you are and what you stand for and you want them to help you stand head and shoulders above your competition because that’s exactly where you deserve to be.

But there’s another reason you’ve been putting it off, right? You’re not exactly relishing the idea of awkwardly standing in front of a camera wondering how much longer you’ll have to endure this ordeal whilst you overthink your smile so much that its frozen to your face. Add to this the fact that you haven’t liked a photograph of yourself since you were 8 years old and the thought of this experience is not exactly filling you with joy…

Lucky you found me then! 

You see, I won’t pick up my camera until I’ve got the measure of you and your business and what you want to project to the world. You can tell me all about it over the phone and we can geek out over business, marketing and branding for a bit. We’ll chat about ideas for your shoot and you don’t have to worry if you don’t actually have any - I'll have loads!

And as for feeling awkward and embarrassed in front of the camera...

Well there won’t be time for that because I pretty much never stop telling you exactly what to do and showing you exactly how to do it. You can have a good laugh at me showing you how to ‘work that shoulder’ (just wait till you learn that little trick!) You will be stunned and amazed at how much fun you and I will have taking photographs. Who knew?

Oh, I nearly forgot. You know how you always hate how you look in photographs? Yeah - you can eat those words after you see the images I take for you. 

Our headshot package is only £200 for up to 3 people. This includes your photo shoot and twelve digital images for you to use as you wish. 

So stop stalling over these headshots and book a consultation call already!