How much will my headshots cost?

We find that price is usually the first thing potential clients ask about.  We believe in being completely upfront and transparent about costs.  Our headshot package is £200 for up to three people.  This is payable upon booking your shoot.

What does my £200 include?

This includes your shoot and 12 digital images in both high and low resolution. You will receive your digital images via file transfer. They will not be watermarked.

But I only need one image - can you do this?

To give you the best possible quality and choice I take lots of photographs and select the best 12. I often find that the best photographs are taken towards the end of the session when you are more relaxed!

But there are more than three of us. Can you help?

No problem!  There is an additional cost of £50 per person.  Each additional person will receive 3 digital images.

“I was nervous about the shoot but you really put me at ease and I enjoyed the session! The photos you have taken are the best I have of myself and I’m so pleased to use them everywhere!”

Claire Summers,

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