I believe in taking photographs that help you feel wonderful in your own skin and in your own life.

I know what it’s like to be very hard on yourself.

Always questioning whether you’re a good enough mother or a good enough partner. Asking yourself if you’re working hard enough or making enough time for loved ones. Looking around and comparing yourself to everyone else then wondering why you can’t be more organised, more laid back, more beautiful...

But you are perfectly flawed just like everyone else. Your family is as fabulously dysfunctional as everyone else’s. And your life is a work in progress. Just like everyone else’s.

I believe your photographs should be a celebration of your ‘you-ness’. An opportunity for you to see the beauty in yourself, your family and your life . . . right now.

I say ‘right now’ because I also know what it’s like to put something off because you don’t feel good enough.

You say to yourself that you’ll wait until you’ve lost that weight you feel so crappy about or until your dodgy fringe has grown out a bit.

Let’s face it, there will always be something.

Wouldn’t it be great to see yourself and your life without all the comparisons and insecurities that weigh you down?

I’m a portrait photographer in Angus, and whether it's boudoir, family or headshot photography you're looking for, this is what I do for you.

Boudoir, headshot and family photography by Angus portrait photographer, Julie Christie

I've got your back if . . .

You’re worried about how you’ll look in your photographs. Well I should tell you that I’m literally obsessed with making sure you look absolutely fantastic whilst also making sure you look like yourself. I know you think you’re unphotogenic but you haven’t had your photograph taken by me yet (not so humble brag there…).

You hate having your photograph taken. It can be so painful and awkward and embarrassing, right? Your smile is tight and you suddenly become hyper-aware of your hands and what the hell to do with them. Well you won’t have a moment to feel any of those things because I lead you and guide you through the whole experience so that you’re never left wishing the ground would swallow you up!

I’m probably not the right photographer for you if . . .

You’re looking for something ‘cheap and quick’.  I’m really not that cheap. I also like to spend lots of time with you because that’s how the magic happens. So what more can I say? We’re probably not going to be a good match.

I could never use a different photographer now. No one else does it like you do it. Please don't ever stop doing what you're doing!"

Family Client

Julie Christie - Portrait photographer in Angus specialising in family, boudoir and headshot photography
Wondering if you and I will hit it off?

I love nothing more than feeling a real connection between us and knowing we might become friends. Here’s a few bits and pieces about me that might give you some insight into whether that’s a possibility...

Exaggeration is a way of life for me. I simply can’t relay a story without embellishments. Ever.

I’m a self-confessed scatterbrain and procrastinator and I can usually be found with my head stuck in a book about how to become more organised and stop procrastinating.

Chocolate is my weakness. Every year I eat my kids easter eggs whilst they sleep and I regularly eat nutella straight from the jar with a huge spoon.

I wish I was more adventurous and outdoorsy but the truth is that I’m an ‘indoor girl’. Unless it’s sunny, warm and windless.  

Julie Christie and Fiona Esposito - Portrait photographers in Angus

And did I mention it’s not just me you’ll be working with?

You are going to love Fiona. She’s been the Client Manager here at JCP headquarters for four years now and she’s basically amazing at everything I’m rubbish at.

She’s mega-organised and efficient so you’ll always know what’s happening at every stage of your experience with us.

She has an eye for colour and design which makes her the perfect person for you to chat to about what you’re going to wear for your shoot and how you should display your photographs to make all your friends drool with envy.

She makes terrific coffee and unbelievable tray bakes so when you come to view your images with her, make sure you bring your appetite!

She also happens to my best pal.

Fiona Esposito - Client Manager at Julie Christie Photography

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